• Roleplay Standards

We expect a high level of roleplaying standards while playing here at SADRP, and the following of the rules and guidelines listed within this document to the best of your ability. A lack of proper roleplay will cause punishments to be given out.

Not all rules can be outlined, but you should always approach your roleplay with common sense. The aim should be for both parties to have an enjoyable time.

  • Our Mission Statement

To provide the best possible experience we can. The ideal atmosphere we strive for is a friendly, welcoming, calming environment from our respected team. We as a whole stop at nothing to perform and perfect our craft to provide unwavering and unrivaled player experience. Our team's attitude, personalities, capabilities, knowledge, and understanding of the expectations bestowed upon us are a force to be admired as well as appreciated. The mission is simple and when accomplished leaves a lasting positive memorable experience that no other server can achieve.

  • Punishments

By joining the server you will agree to all the rules listed within this document. Members of the moderation team reserve the right to warn, kick, ban you if you are caught in violation of these rules. Our community's servers moderation is provided for free by volunteers; everyone is considered a guest on our servers and it is a privilege that can be removed at any time.

If a rule is broken, we issue a punishment to the account that the rule violation occurred through, regardless of shared or borrowed accounts; not doing so would defeat the purpose of issuing punishments in the first place. The account owner is responsible for their account.

  • Know the Difference Between a Rule, Law, and Department SOP

Break a Server Rule: Receive according punishment from moderation.

Break a Law: Get a criminal charge, ticket, or jail time from law enforcement.

Break a Department SOP while playing as your LEO character: Get a warning, strike, or termination from your chain of command.

Break a Server Rule while playing as your LEO character: Get a warning, strike, or termination from your chain of command. Receive according punishment from moderation.

Break a Law while playing as your LEO character: Get a warning, strike, or termination from your chain of command. Get investigated by the Justice Department or other law enforcement.

  • Punishment Appeals

You may create a punishment appeal if you feel that the action taken against your account was a mistake on the part of the team member.

A punishment will only be reversed, removed, or cancelled if the action taken against the user was incorrect.

Appealing to staff with the reason of removing a valid punishment: to avoid having it on your record, to change the type/length of punishment, or to engage in a baseless argument will not be tolerated.

If a punishment appeal is denied you have to wait 6 months until you can re-appeal said punishment.

  • Trustscore

SADRP uses trustscore as a metric of a player's conduct. Trustscore starts at 100% and decreases if a player is issued a punishment such as a warning, kick, or ban. Trustscore increases gradually overtime as a player spends time on the server. Players with lower trustscores may be subject to extended bans as a result of repeated offences in quick succession. We reserve the right to permanently ban members with exceptionally low trustscores.

  • Community Management

The staff team members responsible for managing the community reserve the right to kick or ban you from SADRP's servers at any point if they deem it necessary. They have the right to exempt individuals from rules under special circumstances. They can be exempted from these rules if deemed necessary for their duties.

If any ambiguity exists within our rules, including terminology which may be considered open to interpretation, punishments may be issued as interpreted and agreed upon by Management. Exploiting rule loopholes will be punished the same way.

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