Criminal Story

Developing/Building Crime

We understand that you enjoy doing criminal activities but we advise you not to commit large scale criminal activities when you first join the server. Build your way up to bigger crime, start off with small crimes such as pickpocketing or shoplifting, and then work your way up to bigger crimes like burglarizing items from vehicles, breaking into houses, etc. It is recommended to have contacts/connections and to thoroughly plan out these crimes.

Acquiring Clothing, Items, and Weapons

Try to roleplay acquiring equipment that gets used in a crime, such as finding dealers or stores to get weapons, get items to help open doors, break windows, clothes, etc.. This allows for more detailed RP, and gives other players an opportunity to help aid in the RP by providing equipment/supplies.

Dress appropriately for the crime and realistically based on your resources. Dressing in tens-of-thousands of dollars worth of full tactical, military, or special forces gear to commit a robbery is unrealistic. Criminals wear street clothes, not military gear.

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