LEO Vehicles are for LEO use; except for stolen cars and authorized impersonation. No "decommissioned / auctioned" vehicles are allowed. Do not spawn LEO vehicles as a civilian. If you want to use a civilian variant of a police car, those models exist without lights/sirens and are available in the civilian spawn menu.

You may not "store" or "save" police vehicles for use at a later time.

Supercars may not be driven in Sandy Shores, Harmony, and Grapeseed. Any Real or Lore Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Pagani, Maserati (foreign luxury sport/super) or supercar to include Any Vehicle in the "Supercar" Category and Any Vehicle in the Add On Menu which is considered a Supercar IRL. If the vehicle doesn't appear to belong in that area, don't drive it there. Use realistic vehicles for the area you're in.

No Unrealistic Driving, be aware of your surroundings, terrain, weather and speed.

Fire & Rescue vehicles are only for Fire & Rescue use.

Dept. of Transportation vehicles are only for Dept. of Transportation use.

G6 Security vehicles are only for G6 use.

Lifeguard vehicles are for Lifeguard use.

Planes and Helicopters are only for Donators or Trusted Civilians.

No Bulletproof Tires on regular vehicles classes.

Using the "exclusive driver" setting on VMenu is prohibited.

You may not use a tow truck to steal a car. If you are doing repo RP you must do something similar to "/me Does vehicle match the vehicle on the paperwork?" and allow the other player to respond.

Note: If your vehicle is saved under sports or any other category, this does not mean it is not a supercar - if you are unsure use google to search if the vehicle you are driving is classified as a supercar / hyper car

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