Chain of Command

Follow Chain of Command at all times.

SADRP's community chain of command exists to allow individual ranks to perform designated duties which build atop one another in order to provide the totality of SADRP Support and Moderation services while allowing for sufficient oversight and delegation. SADRP is staffed entirely by volunteers who work across several time zones throughout the world.

The chain of command is intended to be followed through escalations; if an issue or question cannot be resolved by the attending staff member, they will request a supervisor/higher position to take over. Opening a request and immediately demanding to circumvent the entire chain of command is not permitted.

Due to the fact that "departments" are a major aspect of roleplay on SADRP, the Community Owners, Admins, and Senior Staff are responsible for providing oversight to these organizations.

Community Ranks:

Owner Manager Admin Senior Staff Staff Senior Moderator Moderator Trial Moderator

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