Meta Gaming

This is when you utilize Out-Of-Character information/knowledge for personal In-Character benefit or gain. Even if it doesn't put you at an advantage, mixing OOC with IC will be considered Meta Gaming. Only use the information/knowledge you received IC.

This includes any information gained from external programs such as Discord, Twitch Streams, OOC Chat.

All radio channels are encrypted. Using police scanners by sitting in RTO, going to 911 calls, being "clocked in" in-game, which gives you access to police blips, menus, and 911 calls is metagaming, unless you are an authorized LEO playing on your real LEO character.

Example of Meta Gaming:

  • Subject A goes to Subject B's twitch stream and uses it to find the location of Subject B to kill him.

  • Fleeing from the police as soon as the priority-cooldown timer expires for no reason other than to cause a pursuit. In other words, fleeing for no legitimate reason. If your character is committing an offence which would potentially result in an arrest, it would be a justifiable reason to flee. The action needs to make sense in your character's roleplay; magically willing 500 pounds of cocaine into existence in your trunk through a /do or /me as an excuse to justify fleeing as opposed to it being a part of your roleplay (I.E. as a drug trafficker) is not permitted.

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