Random Deathmatching / Random Vehicle Deathmatching (RDM/RVDM)

Random Deathmatching or Random Vehicle Deathmatching

Killing/running over a player for no reason randomly with no intention to roleplaying the incident. Prior interaction with a player and a valid exchange must be established before you can kill someone. Vehicle Deathmatching is only allowed if the other person poses a threat or has had a prior interaction with the player.

Example of RDM:

Subject A walks up to Subject B who he/she has never interacted with and shoots Subject B.

Examples of what is valid interaction and exchange:

Subject A has a prior interaction with Subject B where Subject B had assaulted his wife at a store. Subject B fled and then continued to harass his wife online and gave no apology even while Subject A had threatened him violently. Finally Subject A meets Subject B and shoots him.

Example of RVDM:

Subject A runs over Subject B in his Toyota Prius then drives off as nothing happened.

Example of valid reasonings to kill a player using your vehicle:

Subject A is sitting in his Toyota Prius vibing to some music. When Subject B appears wielding a knife in front of his vehicle. Subject A locks his doors. Subject B tries to break his windshield using the knife. Subject A floors the Prius to get out of the location and runs over Subject B in the process, then calls 911.

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