Power Gaming / Forced RP

The following are prohibited:

Depicting another player's actions without them agreeing to it, or doing it themselves.

Declaring that your actions against another player were successful without allowing them the opportunity to respond (unless they are dead, restrained, or uncapacitated...in which case they cannot resist).

Forcefully performing an unrealistic action against someone without providing them an opportunity to evade such an action.

Claimable property (Shops, Homes, etc.) on the server is viewed as first-come first-serve. Stating that you legitimately own a property while another player had already legitimately claimed to own the same location for an RP is power-gaming. Government property cannot be claimed by civilians (e.g. airports, police stations, etc.).


After you die, someone searches your dead body and you write "/me A grenade falls out of my pocket and explodes, you all die."

An officer using a K9 says there are drugs in a car without allowing the driver of the vehicle to do a /me or /do in response to the K9 sniff the vehicle and then being allowed to choose what their character has in the car.

Typing "/me stabs officer to death" while standing next to a police officer.

Typing "/me grabs your head and smacks you into a wall."

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