[Police] University Police, Wildlife Commission, and Dept. of Corrections

Any member of the 3 main LEO departments may activate as University Police, Wildlife Commission, or Dept. of Corrections (untrained cadets/probationary members are not included). There is no invitation or additional application requirement.

The University Police service is a full-service general law enforcement agency tasked with the duty of patrolling the University and its surrounding area. For information about acting as a University Police Officer, see: https://sites.google.com/view/sadrp-government/public-safety-commission/university-police

The State Wildlife Commission (SWC) is a full-service law enforcement agency tasked with the duty of patrolling city, state, and national parks, wilderness areas, deserts, beaches, waterways, lakes, forests and their surrounding areas for the purpose of law enforcement, environmental protection and conservation, maritime and coastline protection, vessel safety inspection enforcement, animal control, and search & rescue. For information about acting as a Wildlife Commission / Game Warden, see: https://sites.google.com/view/sadrp-government/public-safety-commission/wildlife-commission

The Department of Corrections (DOC) is a prison/jail agency responsible for the transportation, incarceration, safety, and wellbeing of prisoners/detainees. For information about acting as a DOC Guard / Jailer, see: https://sites.google.com/view/sadrp-government/public-safety-commission/dept-of-corrections


These are effectively "overtime" assignments for your LEO character. You are expected to follow the professionalism standards and guidelines that exist within your main department. You are your main LEO character when performing as these RP agencies, and as a result, your conduct affects your department record.

There are certain departments which may appear in-game but are not open to play as, these departments are either locked to staff, private, or no longer exist.

  • Customs and Border Protection

  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement

  • Military Police

  • Port Authority Police

  • Coroner

Direct inquiries to the Director and Asst. Director of the Government of San Andreas.

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