911 Calls

Be detailed with your roleplay when using /911. Avoid things such as:

  • "Help"

  • "Gunshots"

  • "I'm dead"

Do not use /911 to summon police officers solely for the purpose of initiating in a team deathmatch with the police force. Use scenario-development and realistic scene-escalation to create a violent situation.

Do not spam 911 calls

Example of a detailed 911 call:

"Hello! I was walking my two Siberian huskies in East Vinewood near this football pitch and they ran off chasing something! They must be super scared, please send someone to take care or at least find them and get animal control! I just need to find them, I last saw then run towards the Park near Lost Santos Freeway, now they must be going around the Casino Area but I can't find them by myself, please help me. Again, they're just 2 Siberian huskies, one is a Female Called Luna with a white fur coat, and a Male with a Darker Fur Coat called Bronk. I seriously need to find them, please help me! I don't know the postal, I just know that they're near the Casino and the Highway, someone else could get hurt, not just my dogs! If I could help in any way, they might also be near Mirror Park, alongside those Parks. Call me if you find them, my number is 216." - Thomas Marlboro

"Yeah hello there! So I was just riding down Joshua Road in Blaine County, Postal 806 and I saw this Classic White Volkswagen Passat driving a bit fast, he wasn't going like at Felony speeds but I saw quite a lot of bystanders and I'm concerned. Could someone go check this out, please? The vehicle is a white Volkswagen Passat, and the plate was 22TAX643 or something like that, I only got a slight look of the vehicle's plate number. He was going quite fast but I think he just pulled over on the side of the road as well, not sure what happened there." - Thomas Marlboro

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