Banned Behaviors & Scenarios

* = No approval needed for Trusted Civilians (The team reserves the right to ask trusted civilians to stop performing certain roleplays temporarily)


Only trusted civilians may conduct roleplay involving hostages. This includes all persons involved in the group of criminals performing the scene. (Been forced into a bank robbery will still count as a bank robbery)

Require Approval from Moderator +

  • Stealing police vehicles *

    • If you have a prior involvement in a scene, you do not require approval to steal a car. This rule is specifically intended to allow people involved in legitimate civ-on-cop RP scenes to steal cruisers. This does not include third-parties which inject themselves into others' scenes or people who walk up to random officers and start nonsense interactions to create a "scene they are involved in" to then steal a car.

    • You may not "store" or "save" police vehicles for use at a later time.

  • Animal Roleplay * (Find animal spawn codes at Be sure to always remain realistic as an animal, do not talk like a human.

  • Gang War

Require Approval from Senior Moderator +

Require Approval from Staff +

Banned Scenarios

  • Escaping Prison (Permitted for Trusted Civilians when Department of Corrections is Active)

  • Murderous Insane Psychopath / Sociopath Roleplay

  • Pursuing or being pursued as Security Personnel

  • Sexual Roleplay

  • Nudity

  • Alien Roleplay

  • Committing violent crimes or stealing from San Andreas Fire & Rescue. This rule does not apply to Fire Marshals.

  • Suicide being used to escape from an RP scenario (see the Character Building rule for suicide guidelines)

  • Crossing real-life politics with in-game scenarios

  • Violent RP whilst using a custom ped

  • Creating a character based on a historically political or racist person (Custom Ped Pack is exempt)

  • School Shootings

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