No spray-painting / graffiti in green zones.

Green zone are safe areas. You may only conduct passive RP in green zones, no crime or aggressive/violent RP.

If someone runs into the green zone to avoid an RP that was started outside of the green zone, the RP may still continue.

Within green zones, you must remain IC at all times, the only place you can break character is the spawn area.

List of Green Zones

  • Spawn Area: Postal 531 (Once you have set up your character you should leave spawn)

  • Hospitals & Medical Centers

  • Fire Stations

  • Mission Row Police Station, Vinewood Police Station, Davis Sheriff's Office, Highway Patrol Headquarters (La Mesa), Sandy Shores Sheriff's Office, Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, Vinewood Station, and Rockford Hills Station.

  • Court House

  • Special Car Group Locations: Importz Dealership

  • Inside of the Casino

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