OOC Chat may not be used for the following reasons:

  • Attacking, taunting, or calling out players for breaking rules (Must use /report).

  • Gloating

  • Chatting In-Character

  • Spam

  • Complaining about punishments (punishments can be appealed by opening a ticket in Discord)

  • Complaining about in character issues such as, but not limited to dying and jailtime(tickets can be opened in discord in relation to any problem you may have)

Additional guidelines for chat and voicechat:

  • Do not use the F8 console to speak in-game.

  • Do not post any links in the chat.

  • Chat or Voice Spam. Mic Spamming/Ear Rape.

  • No racial slurs or racism

  • No non-derogatory use of racial slurs

  • No Homophobic or gender offensive slurs.

  • No use of languages other than English

Chat Color:

  • ^1 = Red

  • ^2 = Green

  • ^3 = Yellow

  • ^4 = Blue

  • ^5 = Cyan

  • ^6 = Pink

  • ^7 = White

  • ^8 = Black

Do not use the colors for your entire chat message, only use it for highlighting certain things such as Twitter Name. Eg. /twitter ^3[Hamz Hamz]: ^7What a good day today, right?

Private Information / "DOXing":

The disclosure of private or identifying information about another person without their consent is prohibited.

Disclaimer: Staff may ask players to stop talking in OOC at any time if they deem OOC chat to be excessive. Punishments may be handed out if OOC chat continues after staff asks and if OOC chat continues

We entrust that you can control yourself and act maturely when connecting to our server and communicating with the player-base and server staff team in an out of character scenario for example during staff sits. Disrespect to the player-base and the staff team in an out of character scenario will not be tolerated.

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