G6/Gruppe Sech

Any civilian may play as a G6 Security Guard, and will not require permission from Staff+ to do so.


  • You should follow the instructions of any police officer if you become involved in an incident with them.

  • You are a civilian. If you commit a crime while on duty, you may be subject to citation or arrest. With that said, you may not rob, steal, or murder from the businesses or people you were hired to protect.

  • You may not engage in pursuits of vehicles. You are not a law enforcement officer. You may not arrest, charge, or issue citations to individuals but you may detain people who you suspect are committing violations of the law on the properties you are protecting; contact LEO when you do this.

  • Do not use your amber lights unless you are on a property which you are patrolling.

  • Do not use the LEO-Clock-In system.

  • You may use a taser, baton, standard pistol, and pump shotgun (Make sure you have a weapons license).

  • You may perform armored truck convoys to pick up money-drops from businesses or to deliver goods. Do not use amber lights during convoys.

  • You will follow the uniform guideline posted below.

Locations to Secure/Guard

  • Banks

  • Gas Stations

  • Convenience Stores

  • Abandoned Properties

  • Los Santos Dock

  • Los Santos Cemetery

  • Los Santos Golf Course & Club

  • Mirror Park Lake & Park

  • Kortz Center

  • University of San Andreas

  • Tequi-la-la

  • Humane Labs

  • Sandy Shores Airfield

  • Los Santos International Airport

  • Grapeseed Airfield

  • Yellow Jack Bar

  • Sawmill Factory


Vehicles may be spawned under the PG-UP menu. You may use any extras/accessories but you must have a lightbar.

Uniform Options

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