Breaking Character

You must remain IC at all times while in the server. Breaking character by going OOC should not be happening unless a break-in RP has been initiated while being spoken to an active member of the moderation team.

Choosing to criticize and nitpick minor policy issues of police officers while your character is engaged in heavy-criminal activity is considered unrealistic. (Ex. Your character is being arrested for triple murder and you decide to take the opportunity to ask the officer why their license plate is wrong.)

This includes voice chat, /tweet, /ebay, /darkweb, /me, /do and /news.

The only OOC resources players have is Spawn, OOC-chat, and /report.

Examples of Breaking RP:

Saying things such as: "It's lag", "I'm going to report you", "That's not allowed your breaking server rules", "I don't want to roleplay this" etc.

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