Roleplay Character names may not contain inappropriate innuendos (e.g. Ben Dover). Usernames within the game must follow a couple of guidelines as listed below:


Certain colors are disallowed due to interfering with roles such as staff, the following colors are not allowed:

  • GREEN (Moderators / Senior Moderators)

  • RED (Administrators / Owners)

  • CYAN (Staff)

  • PURPLE (Donator)

  • PINK (Senior Staff)

  • BLACK (Restricted)

  • YELLOW (Trial Moderator)


Your name must not contain any of the following:

  • Racial or Sexual content

  • Discriminatory content

  • Impersonation of different member's names

  • Must be in English

  • Must not contain a "^*"

  • Must not contain an underline

  • Must not contain a URL/website

  • Must not contain emojis

You can have a look at your name in-game by pressing the Scroll Wheel Button

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