Police Impersonation

Police impersonation includes using lights/sirens on police cars, trying to pull people over, wearing police uniforms and vests, identifying yourself as a police officer, or acting like a police officer.

Police impersonation consists of being a "wannabe cop" with inadequate and "janky" equipment. Police impersonation consists of civilians attempting to fool other civilians into believing they have authority in order to elicit some form of special treatment, response, or compliance.

Police impersonators may engage in conducting fake police work, such as conducting a fake traffic stop.

Police impersonators should not:

  • Respond to or participate in real police work.

  • Dress exactly perfectly in line with a real departments uniforms.

  • Have an exactly perfect fully marked replica cruiser.

  • Roleplay that they casually stole or had all of the exact correct equipment simply delivered to them.

Impersonators are supposed to avoid detection by the real police; using exact correct uniforms, fully outfitted cruisers, responding code 3 to calls, and then acting like a foolish person under the excuse of "impersonation" is not really impersonation...it's just an excuse to do poor police work.

Example of Actual Police Impersonation

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