Bombs & Terrorism Rules

Roleplaying real or fake explosives that are not real explosive-items is permitted under certain circumstances. Examples include roleplaying suspicious packages/mail, abandoned luggage or containers, discoveries of old-unexploded ordinance, suspicious items in vehicles, etc..

Trusted Civilians do not need approval to do this type of roleplay but they should ensure a bomb-squad certified SADRP Team member is online and willing to activate the bomb squad, otherwise the roleplay is pointless. Non-Trusted Civilians should obtain approval from a bomb-squad certified SADRP Team member to do this type of scene.

These scenes require lengthy amounts of LEO presence in high numbers as well as a large amount of /me & /do roleplay.

The usage of actual explosive-items on the server is restricted to Staff+. If you want to use real explosive-items in your scene, you will require approval from Staff+, and will then have to speak with the Staff to coordinate the placement and triggering of the explosives.

Powergaming bombs is not permitted (ex. After you die, someone searches your dead body and you write "/me A grenade falls out of my pocket and explodes, you all die.")

Terror declarations directly against the police are prohibited as this is considered team deathmatching.

Terrorism is a planned out occasional bombing or coordinated attack; terrorism is not shooting a police officer randomly, sitting on a hill with a rifle and randomly killing people, or committing pointless mass-RDM.

Once you die, your reign of terror is over.

Do not bring real life terror events or terror groups into the server.

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